Written by Rowena Paton

Unconditional acceptance and an open mentality, - is existing in a true and natural sense. Acceptance is actualisation into your environment. You are like a tree, which accepts its environment, and enters the certainty of existence. Just as the branches of a tree extend into their own spatial destiny, so do you. Allow yourself to extend freely into the future, but also acknowledge the roots, which bind you to the earth. Your roots are your sacred past, and the Earth – the primal, grounding source from which you have come. Accept the limitations of being human. Value and accept vulnerability, as you are just a part of the natural world which is both fragile & invincible at the same time.

~ A flower does not grow passively, a storm is not an occurrence of moderation, you are an equal part of the world, live passionately and intensely as if every moment were your last.Accept that you as an entity, is never a known or a definable commodity. Every moment that you are alive, you are growing and changing.

Allow pain and suffering to mold you to be unique and strong. Also allow moment and things of beauty to enhance, stimulate and feed the precious wonder that is you...( Part 2 Coming Soon)

Stream of Consciousness – Unedited Freestyle Manifesto


Realise that freedom is self- empowerment. Engage and interact with the universe. There are predetermined, inevitable processes and cycles of existence. Do not try to understand or control them. Control is not power - it restriction and limitation. By attempting to stop a process, you create disharmony.


The pretense of understanding and knowledge are limitations. They are a farce. There is however, insight, wisdom and awareness. Appreciate every being you that you encounter in the world, and learn and grow from each of them. Eliminate falseness and conformity from your life. Realize the empowerment and the promise of the growth of insecurity* LIVE*

This week, we're discussing air purifying plants to

keep in your home. These are plants you can undoubtedly develop

to purify the air and establish a better climate

for you and your family.

The pineapple plant is a somewhat surprising plant yet one that

you ought to consider. While it doesn't by and large decrease the poisons

noticeable all around, it creates such an excess of new oxygen that NASA put it

on their rundown of best plants for your home!

It makes such a lot of oxygen, indeed, that it has been demonstrated

to decrease wheezing on the off chance that you keep a pineapple plant in your room.

This is what you need to know:

To begin with, buy a pineapple.

Cut the top part off the organic product so you have the crown of hardened

leaves and a touch of tail.

Remove any additional natural product appended to the tail.

Presently, cautiously strip away a portion of the lower leaves at the base

to uncover more stem and some little knocks.

There may even be some little roots underneath the leaves. Those

knocks are what's called root primordia, which implies they

are early roots simply holding back to develop.

Set up some fertilized soil so that it's about half sand.

Sandblasting sand is a decent kind of sand in the event that you can find that.

The thought is to have a well-depleting soil that will permit

a lot of oxygen down into the dirt.

Spot the stem bit of your pineapple into this dirt

furthermore, water it well.

Keep the dirt wet yet not spongy until attaches start to

create. This should several months.

To speed the cycle a piece, place the whole plant and pot

into a white plastic garbage sack and bunch it at the top.

Set this in a window. The plastic will keep the mugginess high

while as yet permitting water to deplete from the dirt and the

white will hold the immediate daylight back from consuming the plant's

delicate leaves.

After around two months, you should start seeing new development

at the highest point of your pineapple plant. Pull tenderly at the leaves

to check whether roots have created.

Assuming this is the case, you will feel protection from your pull. On the off chance that the plant

just comes free, replant and stand by longer.

On the off chance that the stem is spoiling, begin once again with another pineapple

furthermore, crisp gardening soil. Recollect not to overwater.

To develop your new houseplant, give it a decent area where

it can get aberrant daylight for around six hours every day.

The best spot would be outside in the warm shade during

summer. Not all that much shade however – ensure there's grass

developing there.

Following a couple of months, you will have a fascinating tropical

plant for your room!

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